Tony Ibbs

I write software for a living. I am:

I am currently most experienced in Python and Ruby, but have a significant C background.

I've used Python since 1994, Ruby from 2019 to 2021, and C from 1988 to 2014, but am happy to work in other programming languages as necessary, and once spent a very satisfying year embedding Java into a GIS. I've also written C++ at various times.

I'm operating system agnostic -- I've done a significant amount of work on various Unices (including Solaris and Linux), Windows NT and others, Mac OS and VMS.

I used XEmacs for 15 years, then Vim for 15 years, and have now moved to Doom Emacs with Evil mode, but I quite like PyCharm and the Visual Studio environments as well, and can get by in Eclipse. I've worked with FrameMaker, Tex/LaTeX, Runoff, Office and its relatives and HTML and its variants.

I've worked in various fields, starting out in Geographic Information Systems, then embedded Linux systems (Set Top Boxes), and now backend web development, first as a Python programmer with Flask and then Django, and more recently Ruby and Rails.

I enjoy learning new things, and am happy to explore new fields of endeavour.

I helped start the Cambridge Python Users Group (CamPUG) in 2007, and have been running it since then. In 2017 I was awarded a John Pinner Award for services to the UK Python community because of this work.

In recent years I have given several talks at conferences. They can be found on github, with links to videos where available:

I also regularly talk at CamPUG; the slides and notes for these are also on github.

Whilst at Kynesim (2008-2014), I was administrator and principal author of several open-source projects:

A one-page summary CV is here as HTML, here as PDF, both generated from this reStructuredText file.

A more detailed CV, with employment history and other matters, is here as HTML, here as PDF, and again as the original reStructuredText.

Other formats can be produced if that would be more convenient.

References are available on request.

A longish summary of my career at Laser-Scan (1980--2003, written in 2003) is available, either as HTML or reStructuredText. This includes a summary of my standards work.

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